Top of the world

From Gaustatoppen you can see 1/6 of Norway

Experience Norways biggest view!
On a sunny day, you can see as much as 60 000 km² of Norway. In comparison, Denmark is about 43 000 km².

Each year almost 40 000 people visit Gaustatoppen, bywalking to the top. After the opening of Gaustatbanen, you can choose to do a one- or twoways trip. Gaustatoppen is now a more attractive destination for both ski and hiking.
The summer of 2014, more than 70 000 people visited Gaustatoppen. 

Gaustatoppen XO

Christian Bache Gabrielsen, which is famous for his french cognac, has more barrels of fine cognac kept inside Gaustatoppen.
For tasting, you are welcome to make a reservation.

Gaustatoppen Turisthytte

Gaustatoppen Turisthytte is a cozy cafe located right on the top of Gaustatoppen. It is on about 1860 m above sea level, and is close to where you excit Gaustabanen. They offer accommodation of the total amount of 11 beds. 
Every day during the summer, they are serving great norwegian waffles as well as coffee.

The Gausta-cabin was, in the summer of 1893 opened by Skien-Telemark Trekking Assosiation. And ever since, it has been in continouos operation.
It is also open during Gaustabanens openingshours. 

For mor info: Gaustatoppen Turisthyutte

Accommodation must be booked in advance.

The Norwegion Mountain Code

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